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There are several ways to make money online and it is not that hard either. It is not necessary that you have to invest online first and then only you will get returns. There are ways where you will easily make money online without any complexity. Here we are discussing 20 ideas to make money online easily:


  1. Selling stuff online – It is the easiest way to make money online. Here you are actually giving away your unused stuffs and getting paid for that. There are sites where you can put up your stuffs at auction and sell the product at the best price available.
  2. Freelancing online – There are several online platforms where you can work as a freelancing writer. Through this you can get paid for penning your thoughts down and if you are doing a great job, then you will be approached by different companies as well for writing on behalf of them.
  3. Blogging – Here you have to invest something from your pocket in order to get this platform running and then depending on how you project yourself you will start getting traffic. You can earn through quality links or by incorporating ads in your blogs.
  4. Flipping domain name – It is like buying an old house and renovating it to give a completely new look. You can buy old domains which are poorly maintained at a low price and then make it go through extensive updates to make business friendly. This way you will get more than what its original price.
  5. Building websites – If you can build a website then you can fill it up with whatever stuff you want. First, you need to get a host and also a great content and once you get enough traffic you can also use your site to sell pictures and videos.
  6. Referral programs – You can use your site to update write ups of different company and earn some discount on behalf of that. It is not necessary that you will get monetary benefit always instead you can also get some benefits in kind too.
  7. Virtual assistant – You can work from your home and maintain multiple clients as well. This will keep you busy all through the week and can charge anything between $15 – 20 depending on what job profile you are maintaining.
  8. Web designing – Now web designing is the latest trend and if you have the talent then you can easily get paid for designing websites for different companies.
  9. Outsourcing – Online business is growing so people are in need of different things and it is not necessary that you will have all the talent so you can outsource some of it and earn some profit margin out of it.
  10. Apps building – You will have to train yourself in order to start building apps and then sell it off and earn a monthly income out of it or sell them based on some fixed fee.
  11. Creative videos – Now Video marketing is on a high and if you can put on your creative cap on then you will be able to earn some good amount in return.
  12. Translator – This is for people who have the knowledge of foreign languages. You can work as a translator on behalf of an export and import company where you can reply to their mail.
  13. Training and mentoring – You can teach the foreign language that you know and not only that you can also make people improve their writing skills as well.
  14. E-commerce – You can start your own e-commerce site and start an online store which will help you in making profits by selling stuff. Your marketing strategy will fix how much profit you make.
  15. Social Media – This is an important medium where you can promote your business and increase sales. It is not helping you make money directly but surely helps you in getting money in your pocket.
  16. Financial services – It is an important task for every individual, but not everybody is equipped with the knowledge so you can provide consultancy online and charge them a good amount for your service.
  17. Customer service – This can be done if you have an internet connection at home. There are companies that have live chat services so you can be part of that live support from your home only.
  18. SEO reviewing – SEO reviewing can be a great option for  online money making, but make sure to have strong anti-virus software so that when you visit any site for review then you don’t get affected.
  19. Selling crafts – You can sell your crafts online and make money through it. If you want, you can create your own website or you can go use several sites that are available for this purpose.
  20. T-shirt designing – You can design T-shirts and sell them online. You can be creative on your part or you can chalk out some sayings on them and put them up for sale.
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  1. Hi, that’s a lot of ways to make money online. I’ve been doing this for a while and some were new to me. I personally do blogging and promoting affiliate offers.

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