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Many people think that there is no use of social media sites for hospitals. There are sections of people who think that the hospitals don’t have anything to share or start a discussion with their clients and moreover, if they start treating their profession as a business then the quality of service might get hampered. But these are mainly all old sayings because nowadays when everything and everybody is on the Facebook providing their clients with useful information about their product and engaging their customers in a discussion about how they can improve their business then why should hospitals be far behind.

facebookThe hospitals can always update about the new apparatus brought, a new department has come up only for certain category which will make the treatment fast and easy. They can ask their customers for their feedback and if there is anything which they want the hospital to improve on. It is like any other business and this is the reason that if hospitals need to improve on their service they must take to Facebook immediately.

Fresh updates on Facebook page

You can make your patients and the other clients about what is good for their health and what is bad for their health. They can come up with 10 quick tips to solve certain health issues. Making the visitors of your Facebook page aware of health criticalities is very important and it can be done easily in one place. If you are providing your patients with catalogues filled with important information and contact numbers then are you sure that they are going to keep that with them for long enough. The answer is definitely a NO but when you have all your important notifications at a single place then it is easier for your patients to access it without any hitches.

Updates and celebrities

You can update celebrity pictures who have attended your hospital for their treatment. Celebrity images always capture the eyes first and they make for a good advertising without even wasting a single word. You can also arrange for celebrity dates for some special cases like if you have a seriously ill patient who want to meet with their dream actor or actress then making this meeting happen, you will bring a smile on the face of the patient and when you will update this information in your Facebook page then you will be flooded with likes and comments for this small gesture of yours. This will make you a known name all over and people would want to get their treatment done from your hospital only.

Creating awareness

You can create awareness of some new ailments that have hit the town and how the population must take precaution against it on your Facebook page. You can come up with all the relevant information about the causes, symptoms and treatment for that too. When you will be the first one to inform the masses about all these information then automatically people will start trusting you more than others and would become the first choice for most.

Facebook is useful if you use it in the right way, providing the right information and not just boasting about how good you are.