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The advent of the mobile web has given birth to mobile website design. Every business of today knows the importance of a mobile site so that existing as well as potential customers can browse websites in tablets and smartphones to access informative content and opt for the products/services that the business has to offer.

It is becoming confusing for website owners to employ the right tactics. Because nobody knows the right tactics. This article will try to explore some aspects related to mobile apps that can help you to steer in the right way.

If you are thinking of creating a mobile version of your company site or building a site afresh for the mobile devices, it is better to consider the dimensions of each and every device available. Remember that a tablet is not a smartphone. Make different considerations for these devices.

Web Apps

Web apps are developed with CSS3 and HTML5. They are great for giving your users a nice experience on their mobile device and a better choice than to just reconfigure the same content as in your site’s desktop version.

These apps run on any device and any platform. They are cross-browser compatible, which means you can reach a much greater audience that you now do with your desktop site. However, when it comes to using device-specific technology, these are quite limited. They allow you to provide a customized user experience nonetheless.

Native Apps

These are highly efficient when it comes to providing a very slick user experience. They let users to access a particular function or service. Through native apps, you can make the most of the many technologies built in the device. However, they take a lot of time to develop and each different operating system has its own set of development techniques. That is why, when you hire a programmer, make sure that he is proficient with the kind of device you are targeting because you have to keep in mind that these are not capable of running on every platform.


Before you set out to make an app, please consider whether you really need an app. If you have no specific function to offer, it is better not to have an app. But if you have an ecommerce site, making a mobile app would be a good choice.

Finally, you will also need to consider the audience for your app. Who are you targeting and what are you trying to accomplish with your app? Some level of research is required from your end to determine these things. If you want to develop individual apps for different platforms, keep in mind that it would entail huge costs.

Author Bio:  The author of this article Amit Sarkar belongs from Indian reputed Website Design Company named Quality Web Solutions located in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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  1. Mobile app is better for E commerce related sites since over 60% of the buyers using mobile phones to search and buy products. But before creating apps, we need to have potential satisfied customers in our list to use it massively.

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