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We are already discussed some of the ways to generate traffic to your blog.Today we are going to discuss the role of forums in your blog traffic generation and back linking.I said many times that creating a blog is very easy when comparing to the creating traffic to that blog.To make your blog a successful one you need to get some back links and traffic to your blog.Forums are the one of the best way to promote your blogs.This tutorial will show you how forums will help you to promote your blog.

Here are the some of the tips on how you can utilize the forums for creating traffic to your blog.

Use blog address as your signature

We are already discussed about the role of back links in Search engine optimization and how to create back links to your blog.Of course forums will help you to create back links and there by some traffic.You can utilize the signature option to add your blog URL,that will appear as signature in all your posts.This will create a back link to your site and some quality traffic.

Replay to the treads

Replaying to the existing thread also will give a back link to your blog.Since, we already added the signature to your profile.The signature will be added to each every post you made in the forum.You can also add the link to your content in your replay for further reference.Please note that adding of more links will be considered as spamming.

Start your own thread.

You can also start your own new thread to share your knowledge in to the world.If you post quality contents to the thread ,the users will be followed your link to read your more topics.

Update :

MoreTricks forum is now ready , you can share your views and can start discussions to get backlinks upon sign up

Check it out : www.forums.moretricks.com

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