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Whenever you are starting your trading career the trade experts will always advise you to be patient and disciplined. According to the expert trading is a place where the market is highly volatile, so you need to be extra cautious while dealing with it. If you are impulsive then you might lose out on a golden opportunity. When you see the price of a certain commodity rises, then you decide to trade in that and when you see the price falling in certain categories, then you quickly sell off but this is regarded as a very bad tactics that novice traders apply. But this is not how you should be operating in the commodity market. There are certain free MCX tips that you must follow in order to trade in this field.

Trading-from-home-or-through-agents-some-free-commodity-tips-always-comes-in-handyThe golden tips which will be helpful for you are –

  • When the market is not working the way you expected, then do not involve in any trade
  • Don’t trade based on emotions
  • Try predicting the market with the help of an expert
  • Do not extend your area of investment widely, in fact, it is best if you can limit yourself
  • Nobody other than the trend can be termed as the king of the market
  • While dealing make sure you have the facts clear as there is no place for doubts here
  • You won’t land yourself some huge jackpot through trading in one day; it is a slow but steady process.

It is often seen that if someone is lured by huge profit gained in one day and invests a lot again, then he ends up losing double the amount gained. This is the main reason why experts always advise on keeping your patience and invest wisely with proper tips from the experts.

Home trading

When you are trading from home it always tends to draw distractions and you might end up investing in wrong commodity. If you want to start your commodity trade online, then you need an internet connection and a bank account. All your transactions will be done directly through your registered bank account. There are free commodity tips from the experts which can come in handy while trading from home like –

  • Decide on a particular time to trade every day
  • Try not to trade before lunch
  • Stay alert while trading
  • Analyze the trend carefully and avoid distractions while doing so

While trading you must not invest all your savings even if you see, you can earn a profit because the market is volatile and the profit may turn out to be a loss within no time. Therefore, invest what you are left with after you have secure your savings and all other household payments.


You know these things already, but this comes as a reminder –

  • Stick to one technical analyst and his decisions at a time
  • Do not trade with borrowed money
  • Commodity market and stock trading are two different things and require different knowledge and expertise therefore do not mix up
  • Getting biased to a particular commodity means you are limiting your investment possibilities, don’t do that.

Keeping these simple things in mind you will be able to enjoy your stay in the commodity market.