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Making your readers return is a  good part of SEO .A good blogger will able to make their users returning again and again.There are many factors that will make your readers returning again and again.If you are following this tips it will help you to make your blog readers to return to your blog again and again.Below are the some tips that will help you to make return your blog readers again and again.

Original and quality content

The users are coming to your blog for reading fresh and original contents.If you are posting duplicated contents , it’s sure that the users will skip from your blog and will not return again.Make sure that your blog content is original and quality contents.If you are blog is updating with fresh contents ,the readers will wait for your blog update.So keep your blog update with unique contents.

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Concentrate on 3 or 4 Topics

Your blog topic is a very important thing for returning readers.Select three or four niche and blog on it.Concentrate on 3 or 4 niche instead of number of niche.It will also reduce the bounce rate.

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Once user is reached in your page by searching something ,he will be able to find the topics related to his/her search.If there is only one post related to his/her search ,most probably the user will leave your blog.So concentrate on same topic and post on it.

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Make Comment box active

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Comment is the important feature of blog .Make sure that you are enabled comments on your blog posts.Notify commentators about the acceptance of their comments and replay to their comments.This system will return the user to your system.

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Try to post replay to all comments that the user leave in your blog.Once they are notified about the replay for comment most probably they will come back and check it.

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These are the some tips I can suggest you for increasing the number of returning users to your blog.I hope this tips will for you.If you have any other tips , Don’t forget to leave as comments.

Good luck for you !!

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  1. nice post.it may be helpful & effective.i will follow these tips.lets see the result.i m very happy to see your traffic rank.its nice.well,i m reading your post for when your blog was on the topic of tricks of free gprs,sms & all that things.

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