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As like content , backlinks also a very important factor for success SEO.Even the Google is taking the backlinks as a important factor ,it is very important to get quality backlinks as possible as high.The Google page rank is mainly depends on the number backlinks having to the particular site.So to get a higher page rank in Google and there by a high revenue you have to get number of quality backlinks.

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Here is the tops three ways to get quality backlinks to your blog or website.Follow this steps to become a successful webmaster.

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Exchange Links to Get Backlinks

Link exchange is the old model of back linking .Where you can request to any other webmaster to put your blog URL in their site or blog ,you also have to link his/her blog from your blog.

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You should be careful when linking to other peoples blog from your blog.Make sure that the blog is good and you are made the linking to a quality blog.

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Guest Posting and Backlinks

Guest posting is the best way to get quality one way backlinks for free.The links from the guest posts is considered as high quality links and it will be a good practice of making quality backlinks.

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Before you going to post in any blog as guest ,make sure that it has a good position in search engine results.The Google rank of the blog is very important.You post may appear in the home page of that high ranked site .

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If your post is a quality one ,the more and more bloggers will link to it makes your link popular.And also the popular blogs should have a wide range readers from different sources and the posts will shared through social medias.This makes you to get more and more quality backlinks.

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Leave Comments in Various Blogs for Quality Backlinks

This is another one good practice of link building.You can get number of backlinks by leaving valuable comments in another blog.

Before you start commenting in another blogs ,please read the below article.Since Google will penalize for bad practices

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This are the tips you can use to increase the backlinks to your blog forĀ  a better ranking and there by to become a successful webmaster.

What you think about backlinks ? Want to share some ideas?

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  1. Thanks Abdu for writing a very helpful article on top methods to get quality backlinks.I would like to add social bookmarking,articles,press releases and forum posting here.Because all these are very important and helpful methods in link building.

  2. submit in social bookmarking is the best idea for build backlink!
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    News and press release publishing also good method to get the quality links

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