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Apple’s iPad is the perfect device for the traveling blogger. It’s light, responsive, and has great battery life, making it a better alternative to laptops. Best of all, the iPad has dozens of apps that make blogging from the road easier and more convenient than ever. Here is a list of some of the best to consider:

5 Best iPhone Apps


One of the shortcomings of the iPad is the lack of fluidity when multitasking. Sometimes when you’re researching for a blog post, it can be helpful to have two browser windows open side by side; one containing your blog entry page, the other containing whatever relevant webpage for your viewing. By default, the iPad is incapable of this function. But it is with SplitPocket. View two webpages concurrently in either landscape or portrait view with this nifty app.

Top iPad Apps for the Blogger on the Go

3 Apps that revolutionize the new iPad


If you operate your own website or blog and you’re serious about growing it, you know how important it is to know the traffic statistics of your site. Quicklytics funnels stats from your Google Analytics account and presents them in a simple and beautiful format on your iPad. Keep track of total visitors, study traffic patterns and more with Quicklytics.

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 Dragon Dictation

The iPad’s touch screen is no doubt its greatest feature, but typing on it can be a rather tedious and time-consuming task. It is fine for composing short emails or notes, but longer assignments can be a drag. You can only type a fraction of the text you can on a hard keyboard over the same period of time. Enter Dragon Diction. With this app, you can do away with typing altogether. Just speak and Dragon Diction will dictate your speech into text with alarming accuracy. The only caveat is that an Internet connection is required in order to use the service.

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Pocket (Formerly, Read It Later)

When you are constantly on the move, it can be hard to find time to read or view all the videos and articles that are relevant to your blog. With Pocket, you can simply save content you don’t have time to consume at once. Once it’s in your Pocket, you can return to it later at your convenience. Also, Pocket syncs your saved content to all your devices on which you have the app installed.

Five Must Have Blogging Apps for iPad/iPhone


This is hands down the best Twitter application for a blogger on the go. It has some stiff competition in Tweetbot, but Tweetings sets itself apart with a single unique feature: the ability to schedule tweets. When on the road, it can be difficult to juggle all that goes into maintaining and promoting a blog. Tweetings relieves you of one more thing to worry about while you travel. Compose tweets at the beginning of the day and strategically schedule them to be posted. Tweetings also comes with the typical features found on Twitter apps such as the ability to see trends, upload images and videos, retweet, update your location and more.

Online Desktop Windows on iPad

To improve your blogging productivity from the road, try out these great apps for yourself.


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