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When you write an amazing article or when you make a project for your college, you have a feeling of publishing it on the internet so that everyone can see your hard work. You publish it and a few days later you see the content has been published by some other person. You feel angry & disappointed that your hard work has been copied by some other person and he’s making a commercial use of it. If you would have known about watermarking then this situation wouldn’t have arrived. Watermarking is a technique by which you can put a stamp on your work, so that no one else other than you can make use of the work that you have published online.

Water mark softwares

Top 5 software’s for watermarking are-:

  • TSR Watermark image software

 This software is workable on Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 & Windows XP. You can use images, text & logo as a watermark for your pics. This software is free to use and you can watermark number of your images in one go. The option of adjusting the transparency and clarity of your watermark is also given in this software.

  • uMark Software

This is one of the most popular software available on internet for free. This software also gives an option of watermarking bulk images at one go, so it saves your time to watermark one image at one time. You can add your personalized photo and logo watermark to your images. The files to be watermarked can be of JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF & GIF format. You can even rename your images & images can be converted to other formats as well.

  • JACo software

This software can also watermark your images & the watermark used can be of text and images. It also supports any type of image format like JPEG, WBMP, PNG, BMP, JPG & GIF. You can beautify your watermark by adding colour to it, adjusting the font size of the text watermark and you can also adjust the transparency of your watermark. Again, it’s free software to be used by you.


  • WatermarkLIB Software

As the name says, it’s the library of your watermarks. This software is professional in nature but free to use. The features of watermarkLIB is almost same as listed above like it can support any file format, option of editing watermark, bulk watermarking etc. all are available in it. The one feature which is not present in any other software is that you can add date & time on your digital photographs as well, to remember the special occasion.

  • Watermark Images Software

This software has been developed as a Java application. So if you are downloading this software make sure that Java is installed in your computer. It can add logos, shapes, images and texts as a watermark to your images. You can preview your image before it’s been watermarked & also you can make images after adding watermark into JPEG & PDF format.

About the Author – Kuldeep is a 14-year old part-time blogger and a freelance writer. He recommends you to read about lg e400 optimus and gadget reviews.