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If you are gaming addict like me, then Android gadgets are the best for you. Android can also be called as portable gaming device. Official app store of Android app, Google Play, has games for everyone. If you love adventure games, arcade games or any other type of games.

The puzzle games have always been great source of entertainment sand brain exercise. If you also love to play Puzzle games, then this article is for you as in I am going to list the best Puzzle games for Android. So let’s have a look on it.

1. Cut The Rope

Cut the rope is claiming the first position here. This game is all about cutting the ropes and feeding the little monster. Well, the idea seems to be simple but this simple idea is full with puzzles and you will have to think a lot to win the game. The candy of little monster is trapped behind the ropes and your monster is waiting for it. You need to cut the ropes in such way that the candy reaches monster and you earn points. The difficulty of the game keeps increasing from level to level.

2. X Construction

You love the work of constructions? The game is based on the same concept but with some puzzles to reach your goal. In this game, you need to build the railing track for a fast going train. If you make wrong track then the train will not reach its destination. So construct the track to take the train to its goal and to earn some points. For all puzzle game lovers, this game deserve to be on your Android.

3. Bubble Blast

Play with bubbles, make the arrangement of bubbles and build a chain so that bubbles start disappearing. Destroy the maximum bubbles as you can and see your hard work’s reward on the left of screen in the form of points. There are many possible way to build the chain of bubbles, but choose only the way which reward you with points.

4. Draw Something

This is the best puzzle game to be enjoyed with your friends. You can draw anything is this game with your finger and then ask your friends to guess it. This creates the puzzle and some shocking answers coming from your friends also make you and your friends to laugh. You can play with as many friends as you want and can create a fun environment.

5. Unblock Me

Another interesting puzzle game in the list is Unblock Me. In the game, little Red block is trapped in the puzzle of some big blocks. You need to move the big blocks so that it gives clear way to red block to reach its destination. This game is good for brain exercise. The difficulty of the game increase as you move ahead to next levels.

So it was the list of best puzzle games for Android. If you have any other game in your mind then feel free to spread the world about it by dropping your comments in the comments below.

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