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Are you looking for an effective way to generate traffic to your site? As bloggers, we are always searching for ways to boost our blog traffic. However, there are tons of ways to generate traffic yet not all of them are applicable to your blog. For instance, there are bloggers that can manage to hoard 500 visitors a day through submitting their blog posts at directories. Nonetheless, this strategy may not work with another blog.

Although there are strategies that claim you can boost your traffic well. It does not guarantee that it is effectual when applied on your site. Among the mostly used strategy in getting more blog visits is effective article marketing. However, it does not solely depend on how you write and market your articles. Most of the time, it depends on how you present your articles as well as the number of your posts.

Thus, we have accumulated helpful ways on how you can generate more traffic to your website. Although it does not guarantee that you can have your desired amount of visitors, you are free to try this ways and find one that works perfectly for your blog.

Convert your posts into pdf and submit at Scribd and DocStoc.

  1. Publish articles at Wikipedia and make a wikipage for your blog.
  2. Hold occasional giveaways and promote it on social networking sites.
  3. Write list posts and tips in numbered form.
  4. Promote your blog through print ads and distribute business cards.
  5. Write fresh, unique and interesting content daily.
  6. Make a lens at Squidoo and include your blog links.
  7. Submit your blog at article directories like Inslink.com, Ezinearticles, DMOZ, BlogCatalog, ArticleDashboard, and AdMe.com.
  8. Submit blog at search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  9. Turn your blog into podcast with Odiogo and podcast it to various podcast sites.
  10. Promote your blog at YahooAnswers through answering related questions.
  11. Make a video blog with Animoto and post it on Youtube and DailyMotion.
  12. Create a Facebook page for your blog, Myspace and Twitter
  13. Make a Hi5 and BlogEngage account to build a community.
  14. Use Tell-a-friend to share post.
  15. Ping your posts at Pingler and Pingoat.
  16. Build a hub for your blog at hubpages.
  17. Install social plug-ins like SocialMarker, Digg buttons and Comment Notifier.
  18. Maintain a user-friendly site with Platinum SEO Pack.
  19. Make a press release and submit it at PR.com
  20. Post advertisements at Craigslist, UsFreeAds and ebayclassified
  21. Submit your blog site at review sites like CoolSiteoftheday
  22. Tell something about your blog at 43things.com and LookupPage.com
  23. Make an Entrecard and distribute it
  24. Create a free ebook and submit it at freeebook.com
  25. Register at Comluv.com and find related blog niche. Write quality guest posts, exchange links or leave backlinks.
  26. Create an interesting buzz about your blog and submit it at NowPublic.com
  27. Use Visible.me to spread your links.
  28. Send your RSS feeds at RSS aggregators.
  29. Get your own domain.


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