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It is very important to talk about the title tag or title of the post while we discuss about SEO.Title tag makes a major role in SERP.Today I would like to update with the importance of maintaining the length of the title tag.

Why we Keep Title tag length as 70 characters ?

However the title tag is the small part in the whole content , it is the main part which the search spiders will capture and show it as a posts title in search results page.Any of the webmaster won’t compete with the Internet world without considering the SEO.

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I think that you understood that the primary purpose of keeping the title tag length as 70 characters.The reason is that in SERP the title tag is shown with the brand name.Google has a limit on showing the title tag in search result.So if your post title exceeds the specified 70 characters length , a part of title tag will be missed.It may not affect in a large sense !. However what you do if Google punishes you for the same ? . Some of the SEO experts studied about the length if the title tag by altering for a period of time and they noticed that posts with higher the title tag length was gone back in SERP.This studies are proving that , Google seriously considering the length of the post title.

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How to Fix keywords in Title tag ?

We are talking about the importance of the title tag in a post.So as a part we have to analyse the position of keyword in the title tag.Writing a 70 character title only dosn’t mean your post title is SEO optimized.Keywords are making a major role in both the title and the body content.So where you have to place your keyword in title? how keyword placing and title of the post is related?

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Title Tag and SEO Whether you Limit Title Tag to 70 Characters

Let me answer the above two question.I would like to start with the length of the post title.If your post title or as we say title tag is 200 character in length , as per the Google SERP guidelines they will place around 70 character length post title.So what ? I would like to say that the title without keyword is similar to leaving the title as blank 😛 .If you place the keyword at the end of title which having a length of 200 characters , then that keyword has no value and your content will go again back in SERP.It shows the importance of keeping your post keyword at the beginning of the title tag.

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Importance of title tag length in Social sites !

Most of the bloggers are providing equal priority to social medias.Social medias are the place where you can promote and can bring high traffic within a short time.For the same purpose about all blogs will place share buttons to social media sites.

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We can now check the importance of optimizing the title tag and keep it as 70 character length from the side of social media.Let us consider Twitter which one of the famous site with tweets.When any of the user want to tweet you content he will click on the tweet button , but the twitter is limited the tweet content size as 140 characters.If your post title is 200 characters long , then the part of the title want to be removed to proceed.So the title becomes meaningless and other peoples won’t re-tweet it.

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By concluding it would be a good idea to keep your title tag length 70 characters.However whenever we talk about SEO , we will use a saying ” write for users not for search engines “. So I will suggest you to write for both search engines and users for a better understanding.

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