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SEO has evolved a lot from the days when it was termed as the place of tricksters. Now with Google is more stringent with their rules and people understanding the true meaning of optimization the percentage of tricksters have given way to real and organic SEO. People who are in this online business know how difficult it is to keep up with Google’s algorithm and their way of handling the websites. This is the reason why SEO has now become more like a helping hand for them in order to get visible in the search results. Nobody is denying the fact that once it was all misused, but now it is more sorted out. Tricksters are there, but then again they are there in every sector so why point out the SEO part only.


The changes over the years

If you have started off your online business 10 years back then you have already realized how SEO has evolved over the years. So things which were totally fine few years back is a strict no-no now. Loading up footers with some good anchor text links and then twist and tweak the same content and publish it everywhere or stuffing up the page with keywords were some of the things that most people used to do earlier but all these factors have lost its grace now. You cannot stuff up the content with keywords to the extent that it becomes an eye soar. You will hear of a term called keyword density now that you have to maintain otherwise you run into the chance of getting your content marked as spam. You cannot twist the same story and present it in various sites because what will happen is that the viewers will get to see the same thing in different sites which is not good for Google or for the viewers as well.

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A Factor, which still lingers on

Now that you have been barred from overusing the keywords, then how do you make your content appear on the search list! If you are wondering on this topic, then here is what you need to do – you have to concentrate on content more and less on keywords. 1% keyword density is just perfect, but the more gripping and interesting your content will be the chances of pleasing the viewers and Google will be even better. Now Google is concentrating more on content than anything else. Content has been always the priority for Google while crawling through the sites, but it has become even more important and as the years pass by it will be supreme. If you want to appear on top of search result, then make sure the content that you are providing is top-notch therefore make sure that you do it well.

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Another most important thing is the introduction of Smartphone users and their way of using the internet. It has now forced all the websites to become responsive, so that they can fit into any screen and lose out on a single user anymore. This trend will only grow now so apart from concentrating on the content you also have to make sure that your site fits into the requirements of Smartphone users as well.