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Are you interested in Affiliate marketing? Everyone wants more sales within less time.For sales to take place you must find best places where your affiliate products can work accurately and upto your expectations.We often couldn’t find the best places to promote our products.So we’re going to show you the list of best places  to promote your affiliate products.We colllected 5 best places where you can easily promote your affiliate products.
Yes affiliate marketing is best if you know the exact techniques used by Guru’s.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The image attached with this post explains all about “What the heck is Affiliate marketing?”.I recommend Affiliate Marketing because if you are using Google Adsense or something to monetize your blog what they pay to you? some cents? isn’t that right? Now think what affiliate marketing pays you: Let’s take an example of BlueHost. Promote BlueHost on your blog.Each sale gets you $65 whereas Google Adsense pays you 0.10$ – 3$ and so on…

Areas To Promote Affiliate Products

The very first way to add affiliate links/banner is blog header.Because whenever someone open your blog up the first thing they see is the header.So you should add banners in the header section of your blog.As shown below, Sidebar:
Sidebar section of your blog performs very well.Even in most cases it drives more sales.Sidebar is the second best way to promote your own affiliate banners/links.
After Every Post:
When ever user end up reading your “Awesome” blog post till the end then user can see your affiliate product you are recommedning them to buy.
Most of the time you can see the blog with footer affiliate links.They are actually promoting their affiliate product.Wthat they actually do is they add “Built with HostGator”,”Boosted Up by MaxCdn” etc etc.. They get sales in no time because they are pretty popular blogs and well reputed in a community.