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Social media is a platform where people meet up with their friends and stay in touch with long lost friends of theirs. The social media platform like Facebook in particular keeps you updated with the life of your friends and family. Even if you are not there with them personally, but through Facebook you are always a part of their celebrations and crisis. It is a great platform to have all your friends in one place and always be updated about what they are doing and when. Remembering birthdays and other important dates have become real easy now, thanks to the Facebook notifications.

Why-People-Choose-Social-MediaLetting all your friends know all at a time

If you want to tell all your friends one at a time that you are going off for a much needed vacation, then it will take so much of the time, but just one line in the status box of your Facebook account and all your friends and families comes to know that you are visiting your favorite destination and with whom you are going and how excited you are about this trip. So, this is one reason why people choose to update what they are doing on social media platform. Now in the age of Smartphones updating Facebook status has become much easier and you can do it from any part of the world.

Sharing thoughts on social media platform

There have been times when you really wanted the friend of yours know how precious they are but didn’t know how to say that, Facebook made it easier for you. Go to your Facebook account and update all that you have to say so that the world knows that you have a wonderful friend in your life. Moreover, when you talk to your friends you tend to share all your inner thoughts with them and never heard anything so when you are on Facebook and you see all your friends out there, emotions just burst out and it seems normal to let the world know how you are feeling. When you are at your high spirits you want the world to know that you are happy and when you are feeling low then you want all your friends must do something or say something to cheer you up and this is only possible through a social media platform. Within an hour of posting your thoughts online you will always get some likes or comments from some one or the other and immediately your start feeling good. It feels like someone with whom you can share your thoughts.

Feel good factor

In a recent study it has been proved that sharing inner thoughts in a social media platform provide the same high as that of having your favorite dish or receiving money. So you now know why people tend to share more and more of their feelings on a social site.

Enjoyment is the main factor why people share so much on Facebook and twitter. Updating pictures or personal videos are a part of sharing, which earns us pleasures and gives us a feel good factor.