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The peoples are always searching for “How to increase twitter followers”, how to increase Facebook likes on a regular basis.There are a lot of websites and blogs that are explaining hundreds of ways to increase your twitter followers and Facebook likes.There are also have some paid services to get number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers.These sites will send you some likes or followers on the basis of how much you pay them.

I never following those websites for which you want to pay some money to get twitter followers.I am always searching for a solution which can be done in a cost effective manner.As usual today also I am here with a free tip or you can say a small trick to increase your twitter followers.

Since the Google is considering the Facebook and Twitter links in their search results,increasing the number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers will also increase your position in Google.So take the Facebook and Twitter  as two essential part of a successful blog.

And it is the time to release the trick , some of you are may aware of this trick and I am releasing it here for the peoples who are not noticed this small trick  yet.

If you are not tested it yet “Just try to follow 100 peoples today” in twitter and wait for 24 hours.You will see that the magic happening.

If you are activated the notification for Twitter in mail,you can notice that a number of mails in your inbox that saying that “….is following you on twitter”.If you follow 100 peoples,you can see that minimum of 15 peoples from that is following you.

It’s an human mentality is to help someone who is helped him earlier.So I am also expecting that you will also help me by following me at Twitter and like with Facebook ,sharing this post.

12 thoughts on “Increase Number of Twitter Followers Very Easily”
  1. its effective but,costly way to get followers on twitter.i know lots of sites,who has been providing this kind of service.

  2. Currently i am only able to follow 1person everyday, and only if I have three or more followers for that day.
    Do you know what is happening?
    I am not able to go above 2000followers.
    On some days, my followers actually decrease.
    My twitter is @rightersblokk.

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