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There are many methods to increase the page rank in Google.But the basic idea is same.If your page rank is high on google the money you will earn will automatically increase.

Google takes multiple factors to make a website to index in the first page.The most important thing to keep your page on the first page of google is adding as many quality contents to your website.The quality of the content makes the page to push to the first page of google.There should be thousands similar articles on Internet world.Then how to make your page to be indexed on the first page of the google?It is completely depends on you and contents on your website.The main factors that includes in google page rank are,quality of your contents,number of incoming links,amount of fresh and latest content,how often you are updating your site,and the amount of resources available in your site.

The easiest way to get more and more incoming links to your site is that you can post the articles in other sites which is similar to your site theme.Most of the sites allow to post articles on their site as a guest author.This will give you back links and the publicity for your site and contents.You can also post in my blog as a guest blogger.

Also it is very important that how often you are refreshing your contents.I am suggesting you to do the works for a visitor to keep in your site.For example keeping the related posts will lead the user to refer that posts too.So that you can increase the page views.Try to give the up to date contents on your website.

The one of the most important factor is try to include the keywords inside your posts.For example here I am writing about how to increase google page rank.I am trying to include the keywords in my post and I am always adding that google page rank.It will make a keyword rich site ,and make your site on first on the google search.Note that should not add keywords in a huge amount comparing your content.IF you do so,google will skip that page fully.

Google also concentrates on unique and fresh contents.Copying and pasting contents from another site will not make you to rank a high in google.So you your site should have unique contents,which will pull your site to the first list.

Once you reach on the top of the list it is very easy to maintain the rank by a reduced risk.Comment about your articles and your site on other related sites makes the back links to your site.

The above information what I shared is got from my experience.You follow above instructions,I am sure that you will reach on the top list.

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