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Today I am going to share how to hide desktop icons easily.There may have number of reasons behind hiding the desktop icons.Some may hide for security reasons and some other to get rid of the number of icons in the desktop.Anyway different peoples may have different views and reson for hiding the desktop icons.whatever may be the reason I am here listing two methods to hide desktop icons from your system easily.Hope you will like this methos

DeskDuster – Hide Desktop Icons Automatically

DeskDuster is a program specifically designed to clean desktop from icons, allowing the user to look at the wallpaper images while the PC is inactive.You need to download and install this program in your system enable this feature.Downloading and installing is very simple process.I have given the link to download this program and hopefully you can download it withing some minutes

Download DeskDuster

The program will load automatically with Windows, monitoring PC inactivity: if inactivity time ( default = 5 min ) will be reached, the program will make all of the icons on the desktop disappear. To see the icons again, simply move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

Create a “Hide Desktop Icons” Shortcut

Download the HideDesktopIcons application – Click Here

Create a shortcut of the exe file and place in in your Taskbar or Desktop.
Clicking on it will do the exact of “Hiding Desktop Icons” from View > Show Desktop Icons in Windows Vista, Seven and Arrange Icons By > Show Desktop Icons.