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Google+ team opened the Google+ page for business in the last month.I don’t know how much helpful for you this article at this time.I was busy with my exams in the last month , so I didn’t find to update my blog with latest news.Since Google+ is important for every blog owner , I decided to make this post on my blog.And also I believe that there should have some peoples like me without having a Google+ page for their blog.This tutorial will go through the steps on how to create a Google+ page for your blog or website.Just go through the below steps to create your own Google+ fan page.

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Why you Need a Google+ page for your Blog

We already talk about the importance of Google+ in SEO.Google is added the Google+ feeds on the search results as suggestions.It will drive more traffic to your blog or website.Similarly Google+ pages will also boost your SEO .And also Google announced a big search specific feature with release of Google+ pages , called Google+ direct connect.

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What is Google+ direct Connect ? : Google+ page Feature!!

Google+ direct connect is a Search engine specific feature which is announced by Google as part of Google+ page.This will allow the users to directly connect to the Google+ page without looking into the search result.How it’s works ? ,If the user enter the brand name by adding a + symbol in-front of it will lead the user directly into the Google+ brand page.

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For example if you need to fine the WWE page on Google+ , you can go to the Google  search page and put the keyword as +WWE it will show the Google+ brand page of  WWE.

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No again , Are you searching for your brand page ? Most probably it won’t be there 🙁 .Google is not yet all the brand pages into Google+ direct connect.Google is adding this features on basis of the algorithm.Connect your blog and wait for this feature.

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How to Create a Google+ Page for your BlogHow to Create a Google Plus page

Here are the Steps you have to follow for creating your own Google+ page.

  • Go to Create a Google+ page
  • Select the appropriate category
  • Fill the fields with appropriate details
  • Check the box “I agree to the Pages terms”
  • Now click on the create button
  • The Google+ page will be created for you.
  • Now fill the Tagline and upload a photo for your page.
  • Press continue and proceed.
  • Optionally you can share about your page in your Wall and press proceed.
  • It will lead you to Getting started page
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Now your Google+ page is ready.You can now add a badge of your page to your website or blog.It’s simple .The following steps will show your how to create Google+ badge for your Blog.

  • Click on the “Get badge link ” which is present under “Connect your site”  Title.
  • There are 5 types badge are available and you can select any type.
  • After selecting the badge copy paste the code available into your website as per the instructions.That is the first code snippet has to add into your blogs <head> section and the second part to where you want to put the badge.
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I hope that this tutorial was helpful for you and don’t forget to follow us on the Google+ page

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