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We all know that Google + makes a major role in Search engine optimization.Since Google is the giant in the search engines and Google started considering Google +1’s and shares in the search result ranking.So it is important to alter the blog or website as per the Google suggestion to make stand with the competitors.Earlier Google rolled out Google+1 buttons for websites , which is much similar like Facebook like , also it will benefit in the term of search results and ranking.This tutorial will explain you or go through a procedure of how to add or implement a Google +1 button into your blog or website.

Get Free Google +1

Most probably there will have a twitter follow and Facebook like button in your blog or website.So Google +1 is going to be new one to this family.By adding +1 to your blog or website,your blog visitors can recommend your content to Google search.When they recommend it will lead you to increase your search engine visibility in Google.

If your friend is +1 some content and you are searching on the Google,it will show you that your friend is recommended or like the content.

Similar to Facebook like button it will show the number of counts who also +1 the same content.If your friend is +1 the content,you can see his profile of +1.You can create a +1 profile by following the link https://profiles.google.com/me/createprofile/

+1 button helps your contacts and friends which content is most useful for them.Remember that +1’ing is a public action and you can set what others can see by visiting the link http://profiles.google.com/me.

If some one chooses to hide the +1’s tab in his profile.if he +1’d something it will be publicly visible.But the peoples cannot be find list of +1’s.


To add +1 button to your website,blogger blog,WordPress blog etc.you have to add the below code to header part of your website or blog

Now you have to add below code to the part of website or blog where you want to put +1 button.


For more customization of +1  just visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/

Google +1 is continuously changing by Google+ team so it is better to visit the webmaster central and get the latest version of Google +1 button