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I know you are frustrated with the involvement of autorun in your system and the only reason you are here now.You may tried number of methods to remove autorun from your sytem,but most of the time those tips may not be suficient to remove the autorun from your system.Autorun will automatically call the other virus files in your system without your permission.This will cause your system virus affected and your system will start slow down and will interrupt your normal working

Here is the simple procedure to remove autorun virus from your computer easily.Hope it will be helpful for you

Solution to Remove Autorun.inf Virus

Step 1: First Disable CD/DVD or USB Autorun in windows

Step 2: Open Winrar.exe (Start–>All Programs–>WinRar–>WinRar.exe)

Step 3: Now Browse to any drive that is infected with Autorun.inf virus using winrar explorer.

Step4: Here you will see all the hidden files under winrar for that particular drive.

Step 5: Look for the file Autorun.inf and open it using notepad.

Step 6: In that Autorun file, some .EXE file will be mentioned that will be executed along with the autorun file. This exe file is the main culprit.

Step 7: Note the exe file mentioned in the Autorun.inf file. Close this Autorun.inf file.

Step 8: Now look for that .Exe file in the drive (Ex: c:/), Delete that .exe file along with Autorun.inf

Step 9: Restart your Operating System. Now your system is free with Autorun.inf Virus.

Note: Repeat the same process if your Usb or Pendrives are infected with Autorun.inf virus.

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If you know anyother method to remove autorun virus from windows operating system, them kindly let me know by posting your method using the Comments on this post.
Hope you are removed the autorun virus from your computer