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While Android tablets have been made by smartphone makers such as LG, Google will finally be making a huge step by releasing their operating system under their own name. Anyone who has owned one of the first android tablets has probably been frustrated by the constant freezing, rebooting and battery draining. It seems Google is frustrated too.

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Android OS Tablets Disappointed Google

Google had basically developed the Android OS with the idea that any Coming Soon Tablet Computers by Googlecompany that wanted to use it could, unlike Apple who keeps the OS for their i-line of devices wrapped up for use only on products they manufacture. Making it up to them to control the cost of those features which some users felt had gotten a bit out-of-control.

However, Google has been unhappy with the quality of the tablets coming out with the Android OS. So unhappy they have felt driven to do something they had not been inclined to do, make a computer. By fall Google is expected to unveil a new computer tablet powered by the Android OS and manufactured by Asus.

Speculation Turns Into News

Word of the upcoming release came out in December from Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt while speaking to an Italian reporter about the Android OS. Google has acquired Motorola and there are plans to release a tablet through them as well.

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Still, the reports were not taken very seriously until the Wall Street Journal reported on it last week. According to them Google plans to release several tablets from various manufactures and offer them at prices that will be hard to compete with. Everything about that screams of being about Google’s war with apple.

Google vs. Apple?

When the Android operating system first came out the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs immediately attacked Google saying that they stole Apple’s iPad operating system and then gave it away to anyone who wanted to use it stealing sales from Apple. The company has been very open about their attitude with Google and about collecting enough information for a lawsuit against the company.

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Up until now no one has used the Android OS to release a tablet that can rival the iPad and so Apple has had the advantage in that marketplace. With Google at the helm it is feared that the iPad will finally be up against something that can genuinely compete against apple for quality and user features. This will only heat up the issue of intellectual rights of the Android OS.


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