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As Google and other major search engines considers the interlinking of the contents in the blog as a good practice in blogging, it is important to inter link the posts in your blogs very seriously.interlinks in the blogs also provides a better user experience in the blog.By considering all these facts most of the bloggers will link their newest posts with other existing posts in the blog and vice-versa by editing the older posts.Some bloggers will create internal links manually , some others will get help of the automated linking plugins such as SEO smart links.

If you are linking manually , you have to check this links whether they are functioning well time to time.May be a difficult and time consuming task to check each and every page of your blog for broken links.The complexity of this process will be very high when the number of entries in your blog are too high.

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Broken links in your blog don’t make a higher impact on your blog SEO , however removing the broken links from your blog will increase the user experience and there by ranking.You may read many articles that Google updated their algorithm and considering the users behavior while ranking the site.Leading the user every time to a 404 not found page will make a negative impact on user experience and there by it will affect your blog in a small extent.

The broken links also were a serous problem with MoreTricks.com,There were hundreds of dead links inside the MT blog when I removed some older posts from the blog.Yes , I removed number of low quality articles from MT blog, during the beginning of my blogging career, I made hundreds of articles with thin content.This become a big challenge for MT after the Panda update.So I removed some thin content posts and some other posts are updated with more content on it to escape from Panda effect.

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However those removal of articles made an another head ache for me.That was the broken links.I was always linking my posts to existing articles in the blog to pass SEO juice between articles.So those links started pointing to a 404 not found page and created a bad experience for users.Also it decreased the page views on my blog

As like you all do, I was also interlinking all my posts to my older posts to pass the SEO juice within articles , Since I removed some o articles from my blog those links become dead links and the users who follow those links directed to a 404 not found page.This resulted a bad user experience for my blog users and decreased the page views in the blog.

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As you know that , it is very difficult task to go through each and every post of the MT blog and check for the broken links.Fortunately I found a WordPress plugin to check the broken links in WordPress blog easily.This Broken Link Checker Plugin will scan your entire blog for broken links,redirects etc.and you can take the actions on that links from the plugin control panel.

Features of Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

  • It checks for dead links , images and videos.
  • It checks not only the content links but also¬† it checks for the links from comment sections,Pages,blog roll etc.
  • Edit the links from the plugin dashboard without the need of editing each post separately.
  • Email notification to admin when the broken links are found(if you select this option)
  • Not only the broken links but also it lists the redirection in the links.
  • Advanced options to schedule or process the links inside the blog.

Working with Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken link checker is a free WordPress plugin, which is an essential part of running a blog in an effective manner.To work with broken link checker you have to download and install the Broken Links Checker WordPress plugin from the WordPress directory.Since it is a free WordPress plugin, it can be installed by searching the plugin from the WordPress control panel.Or else you can Download Broken link Checker and you can upload it into the plugins directory and can go with installation process.

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Once you installed the plugin successfully in your WordPress blog , it will start scanning your blog for broken links and unwanted redirects.You can configure the plugin settings by visiting the plugin control by following Settings->Link Checker.

Also you can find the list of broken links from the control panel by following Tools->Broken Links.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin a Good Strategy for SEO

The above one is the screen shot of the list of URLs which is tested and verified by the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin.You can select all the links and make a bulk action or you can edit each links from here.The actions include

  • Edit URL
  • Recheck URL
  • Fix Redirects
  • Mark as not Broken
  • Unlink
  • Move Sources to trash

Before you go with any action please rethink twice since most of the actions are irreversible.So once you unlink and label , to reverse the action you may have to edit each post individually.

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Tip : I don’t suggest you to run this plugin on peak time , since it will make over head on server andalso slow down your blog.Also it will be a better idea to remove this plugin from your blog once the Broken link checking completes and you can install it later whenever you need to test the blog for broken links.

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you!. Are you using any other method to check Broken links in your blog ?

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