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Getting quality traffic to a blog is the most important thing for a Blogger and it is his priority to do so. If he succeeded in doing so, then his blogging Career will reach a great extent. But for some Bloggers, it is a great Nightmare as they are not succeeded in doing so and lose their Determination very soon. So, it would help if you had a strategy to drive effective traffic towards your Blog. In this series, I am going to tell you the best methods to attract Quality Traffic to your site.

8 Best Methods to get Quality Traffic

Appearance Matters: Quality Traffic

Well, when a visitor visits your site, he will first look at the appearance of your blog. The layout you give to your blog matters a lot. Your blog must be organized in a good manner. The theme you choose and the fonts you use while writing posts matter. Use a cool theme so that the reader may enjoy it while taking a look at your blog. Do not fill your Blog full of ads.

Use as much Social Networking as you can to Promote your Blog

There is nothing better than this if you use Social Networking to promote your blog. Facebook, Twitter, etc and so on will gather traffic to your site!!!! You may find Millions of People by doing Social Networking. Add a Facebook Fan page to your blog. Try to share your links with most people and ask them to share them with others, so that if this chain goes on and on, then it will attract traffic towards your site.

Content is King: Quality Traffic

You may hear this term most often while doing Blogging. Yes, it is the most important thing that you need to do. It is hard to write the best article but you must try to do better and better. It will attract visitors to your site. If you post articles that are not related to your blog type, then such articles are useless, If you have a technology Blog and you are writing about Politics, then this is a very big Mistake. You should also have good command over your Grammar. Spelling Mistakes etc. may insult you. Also, give an attractive title to your Posts. The Basic thing you must have is Quality content on your Blog. If you are copying content from other blogs, then I prefer you stop this thing.

Try to get Backlinks: Quality Traffic

It is a very modern and attractive method of driving traffic towards your site. It also helps in SEO and PR. Submit your blog to various Blog Directories. Try exchanging links with High PR blogs. While this method attracts visitors from other sites to your blog as when they will see your link, they will visit your blog. If they like your work, then it’s great. They will visit your Blog Regularly…

Guest Posting at its best!!!

Writing guest posts on other blogs helps you to drive significant traffic. I don’t think that anything is better than that. Many SEO Experts and Web Masters say that Guest Blogging is always essential for a Blogger to attract visitors towards his site. Most People prefer this method to lead to a successful Blogging Career.

Try to be Regular…

It is a basic thing that you must post articles from time to time. Try to spend some time on your Blog from your daily schedule. Regular Visitors always want Something new and Interesting from your blog, every time they visit it!!! This is where being regular matters!!! And do not forget to reply to the comments of your Blog visitors as early as you can. It helps to ensure that visitors may visit your Blog regularly. And it also makes your Blog an SEO-Friendly Blog.
The more unique content you are going to post on your blog, The more traffic you will gain.

Commenting on Other Blogs

You may come across many blogs that get huge traffic. So it is here that you can act a little smartly. You can leave a comment giving them competition. That is as soon as you find a mistake in their article, try to correct them in a friendly way. Leave your Blog’s name behind it. However,it will help you to have some traffic on your blog. Commenting on High PR blogs will attract traffic.

Give SEO a Priority

SEO contributes 70% to your Blog traffic. Try to focus on optimizing your Blog posts or Building Backlinks.
Try to learn SEO so that search engines may find you more friendly and you must work on your blog such that you may also get a good PR.

Learn from other Bloggers

If you meet some experienced Bloggers, then try to learn more and more from them. I prefer it via Social Networking. Mainly you should ask them to have tips for SEO. Try to get some guidance and tips from several Bloggers. There are many people who are better than you. If you learn more, then you may become the best.

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  1. Nice tips. How come submitting articles and how-to’s to article directories wasn’t mentioned? It’s something I’ve heard a lot about and I’m thinking about trying. However, my niche is causing me problems to do this.

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