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You can write articles, but can you attract comments to your articles? This is important for bloggers. If you want to attract more traffic to your blog, you have to make your articles “comment-friendly”. Here are 7 ways to make your articles get commented:

1. Talk with your readers

Your articles will get commented if you purposely talk with your readers in your article. Readers want to comment your article if you ask for their comments. In this way, you are making your articles as a tool of communication between you and your readers.

7 Ways to Make Your Articles Get Commented

2. Write a shocking title

Most people, when they see a shocking headline that is contrary to what they believe or know, will passionately want to comment on it. Shocking title means a title that will instantly attract people’s curiosity and reaction. When you write your title, think about how people will react on it.

3. Be a knowledgeable writer

Of course, people want to discuss the topic with a knowledgeable person. In this way, if you write articles that show your readers that you’re an expert in the field, it will naturally attract comments to your articles. That’s because your readers want to discuss the content with you, knowing that you know something about what you write.

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4. “What’s yours?”

Asking your readers about what they think about the topic that you write will prompt them to post comments to your article. For instance, you’ve given 15 tips to your readers regarding how to make money quickly in a week. Then, in the end of your article, you can simply say to your readers “those are my tips, if you have additional tips that you would like to add, let me know in the comment”. This will effectively attract comments in your article.

5. Write article that purposely asks about a question

You can also write article that doesn’t contain any tips at all. You can write an article simply to ask your readers about how they think regarding certain topics. First of all, you need an introduction that will present the problem to your readers. You can even share your experience with your readers. But, the meat of the article is to ask question to your readers about certain topics. This is a good way to demand your readers’ response.

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6. Write an excellent content

Article that simply can answer your readers’ need and help them to achieve their goal and solve their problem will attract lots of comments. An excellent content is something that makes your readers want to say “Brilliant!” when they finish reading your content. Also, it is the content that brings them many inspirations to make their life better. If you can write such content, it is not difficult to drive comments to your articles.

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7. Write long, detailed articles

This last tip is inspired by many blogs that “pledge” only to publish posts that are 1500 words or more. Yes, this strategy is apparently successful because with such word count, you can come up with fairly detailed and long articles that should be able to give good and detailed information to your readers. And yes, those articles get commented a lot.

Those are some ways to make your articles get commented. So, if you want to publish a great piece of content that people will read over and over again, you should follow the tips above.

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Sandipan Mukherjee is the author of this article. He is a freelance writer who loves to write on various topics. Currently he writes for elektriker København a Danish supplier of innovative power solutions.

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  2. Good tips. Another way to get comments, of course, is to build up your traffic. The more readers you have, the more likely it is that some will comment.

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