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Why You Should Use Images for Your Blog

There can be different ways to attract your readers by using different media and in current time when you can use different graphical applications to create and edit different designs and pictures and images, you will be giving more reason to the readers to come back to your site to enjoy the blogs with visual aids.

7 Reasons to Images on Blog

Brand your Blogs

The header of your blogs must get a different image and design so that the readers must understand that this is a new topic and a fair idea about the topic. This strengthens your viewership and the viewer’s get some relief from looking at the same type of plain screen if these designs greet them regularly. This again can be depicted as your own brand and must have a logo for your site.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Images for Your Blog

Easy to Comprehend

Your readers will find there are different zones on the page and the header has got some information and the footer has got some. The images added to the blogs must be of high quality and then they give a different spice to the blog. The eye that gets habituated to the writing can understand more from the photography that is often attached to the blogs. These pictures often help you to prove the point that you are elaborating and working on. Thus the images keep adding extra faith and comfort and understanding to your site.

Be Social with Media Profiles

This blog can be connected to the social media by just adding a link to install widgets for different social media. The readers will be able to connect with the social platform and different icons from different media can be clicked to find people who can be interested in the same blogs. The icons also allow the social media users to create a page on such topic and add the blogs for more viewership.

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Promote Books and Services and Events

You can add some image of products and keep option for the readers to read more on the product. A picture of any event can be used to make the readers more interested in such gathering and then they will try to find more about it. The information for them can be there at your site or on another external site which is linked with you. This will increase the viewer for they will try to find more about such things and will come over to your site to know more.

Images for more attraction

The images and pictures from digital cameras will increase the look of the blog. They will be more attractive and can often add link for some particular page within the site or for some external links. Some logos of clients that you have worked with can be added to bring in more value to your blogs but first you need to confirm if you can add their logos. The blogs may also include images of badges and even prices that you have won.

Screenshots for Training purpose

You often need to work on topics that need extensive training and for this purpose the images and screenshots are very important. When you need material for the training purpose, you can open links on the subject on your computer screen and then try to take screen shots to justify some steps or mark a few things that needs special attention. The screenshots are often pasted on paint and then marked for the readers in a different color and highlighted for proper sighting and understanding.

Easy Reading

The blogs that have different designs and colors on the page can give the readers different pages for different topics and the reading of fonts that are matched with the design of the background can be a soothing experience for the eyes.

These different changes can bring in new readers who are attracted by the freshness and glitter of the sites by the images that are added. The images bring in a total new look for the blog and this will again give high ranking from the search engines.


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