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Today, it is so easy to make money from home. One of the easiest methods is to write an ebook and sell it online. You can sell your ebook on your website or through various self-publishing platforms. However, there are common mistakes that many ebook writers make when publishing their ebook. Here are 7 most common ebook publishing mistakes you must avoid:

Not following the demand

Yes, you can always write about something that you are passionate about. But, if you want to really make money with your ebook, you have to write something that people want to read. This is a simple principle on any business. You are simply giving people what they want to buy. You should write about topics that have big demand from the customers.

Not having enough research

You should be able to write your ebook with high quality information. You can only achieve this goal if you have enough research before writing your ebook. Without enough research you will only come with mediocre information and lack of detail. This will disappoint most of your readers.

7 Most Common Ebook Publishing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Spending too many times revising your ebook

Do not revise your ebook too often. Write your ebook properly and make sure that it is your final work. Before you publish your ebook, make sure to add everything that you need to add to your ebook. Avoid multiple revisions for your ebook because it will only confuse your readers. Instead of revising your past work, you can work on another title.

Charging your ebook too expensive

The price of your ebook should be lower than the price of physical book, especially if you are publishing your ebook in well-known platforms such as Kindle or Barnes and Noble. Charging the price of your ebook too expensive will only decrease your sales. People will not spend too much money just to buy an ebook.

Publishing numerous spammy ebooks

If you decide to make money with ebook, you should write each ebook with high quality. Today, it is so easy to sell ebook online. You can sell it on your own website or you can use self-publishing platforms. That’s why there is an increase in publication of spammy ebooks on the internet. This is one that you should avoid because if you are known as an author that only publish spammy and low quality ebook, people will avoid buying your ebooks.

Not giving proper cover design for your ebook

Another mistake that most people make when they publish their ebook is not giving good cover design for their ebook. Perhaps, you don’t already know about the importance of good cover design. Now, if you are about to buy an ebook on Kindle, for example, what do you see first? First, you will see the cover, and then the title, and then the description, and then the price. Lastly, you will either purchase the ebook or just continue browsing. So, cover design is important because people will see your ebook cover first before they decide to purchase your ebook.

Publishing ebook without editing and proofreading

This is a fatal mistake that will damage your reputation quickly. If you are careless, you can ruin your ebook business overnight. Make sure to proofread and edit your ebook before publishing. This includes correcting any formatting, grammar, and spelling errors. If you can’t do it for yourself, hire several good editors and proofreaders before you publish your ebook.

Those are the most common ebook publishing mistakes that you must avoid if you want to build a good business by selling ebook online.


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