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SEO has its share of myths as well. It is mainly due to the reason that all are not aware of the actual fact therefore they come up with their perception of that matter. But the worst part is that these words spread like wildfire and gets caught up with the masses. People start taking these myths seriously when they would be digging in deep to find out whether there is any truth in the fact or not. SEO strategy is now and has always been a part of science where you have to experiment with new ideas to see whether they work or not and then implement them to get the best result. When the algorithms change even SEO strategies adjust itself accordingly. But then again myths will always be there and some of the myths of the modern age are:

7-Modern-Age-SEO-MythsSocial Media replacing SEO – If someone is to believe this then he will commit a blunder. Social media is important for your business because it gives you exposure and helps you in reaching out to your customers more effectively, but it will definitely not give you the top position in the ranking single handedly.
Author Ranking influences overall ranking – Google started ranking the authors few years back and this fueled this saying that now the authors who have higher ranking will be more authoritative. Their content will get better viewership through a Google search is what everybody thought and writers who were unknown were pretty disappointed but that is not the case.

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The Problem with search engine – This has been in the news for a while now, but if you want to know the truth then you have to look into the fact. The fact is that in the US market Google is still holding around 67% of the market share and the same figure goes up to 80% or even more than that when it comes to the global market.
Link signals are outdated – When the Russian search engine abandoned various links that are found on the site as signals everybody, though that links have made way for something else. But to put rest to all the talking inbound links are still ruling and will be one of the hot favorites. It will stay that way until unless some out of the box options appears to take the position.
Rule out guest posting – What happened was some people were using some platforms to get some SEO benefits without really adding any value to it. So Google made it a point to stop them. Therefore, what you need to do is write a guest post that will help you in achieving a reputation and will also help you in increasing visibility. This way you will be able to focus more on the right factors without diluting the matter.

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Understanding the search engine ranking – How the search engine ranking is done is still a debatable topic but many people have come to the conclusion that correlation studies will help you understand the Google algorithm right away. If you draw the conclusion right from the correlation studies then you will get an idea about whether you are on the right track or not.
Good content takes care of everything – It’s a fact that good content is the ruler of online business, but that is not the only factor out there. In fact, Google still looks atthe inbound links, keywords and you also have to take some initiative about how to promote your site to make everybody aware of your existence.