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The optimum visibility and visitor’s attention acts like heart and soul for a website. The prime objectives of a website cannot be fulfilled in absence of constant organic visitors. Such visitors take real interest in visiting a website, read the contents purposefully, and circulate the website in their network. Thus, it is needful to win the constant faith and engagement of such valuable online visitors by projecting appealing and meaningful content at your website. Unremitting postings of engaging content, entertains and keep engaged your serious online visitors with your website for a longer span of time.

If you are a WordPress user, then you are lucky enough to become a successful online brand. You can make a better use of online growth friendly WordPress Plugins, which can help you in making your WordPress website search engine friendly. This post discusses top 5 WordPress Plugins that optimize all your efforts in order to gain higher search engine ranking of your website.

All in one SEO Pack: This WordPress plugin is known for optimizing your website content as per the specific trend of search engines. Apart from this, it supports custom post types and advanced canonical URL’s. Moreover, it makes the navigation process better for your website visitors. Additionally, it is the single plugin that provides SEO integration for wordpress based online shopping sites as well as automatically optimizes the title and creates Meta tags.

Broken Link Checker: It is the 2nd most helpful wordpress plugin for increasing website attentiveness. It checks the broken links of your wordpress based website and notifies you about the missing links and image. Thus, you become able to remove such unproductive elements from your websites. The links can be edited right from the plugin page instead of updating each page manually. Moreover, it keeps the search engine away from following dead links of your website.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator: This is a crucial wordpress plugin for wordpress website users. It is known for generating sitemap and submitting the website on leading search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo. Such sitemap helps the Google crawlers to understand and index your website in a better way. Apart from this, it also supports custom URLs and sends notifications to all search engines about your recent posts.

Search Engine Friendly Image: In your process of inviting organic visitors at your website, this wordpress plugin will be of great use. Without using this application, you will have the need to optimize your website images as per the search engine trends such as addition of proper title, meaningful description and appropriate keyword tagging. But, this application does it all automatically and brings real time visitors to your website.

No Self Pings: it is the top 5th WordPress plugin for increasing the visibility of your website. This plugin works for removing the ping-backs from own site. Moreover, it receives the back links from other sites that brings the large volume of visitors to your website.

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