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5 Must See SEO Tips for Newbie Blogger

Today I am going to share some SEO tips that every blogger must follow to become a successful blogger.This doesn’t mean following this tips alone will make you a successful blogger.There are billions of websites in the internet world but it is not possible to come all the sites in the front page of search.The the sites which are worth to search spiders will list in the first page and the remaining will pull to the last.So each and every mistake you make with SEO will backward your site and it will cost you more.You have to apply SEO tips from the beginning of the blogging to create a good result.Here I am sharing some SEO tips that you have to follow from the beginning of the blogging.Hope you will like all these SEO tips and Make use of this tips.

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Choose  a Right Domain Name

Domain name is the most important thing in the blogging and also its like selecting a girl friend.If you like one it will be already booked.You should have a good idea about your blog and what you are going to post there.According to the content you are going to post on your blog you have to select best keyword and have to add the keyword in the domain name.It is not compulsory to have a keyword in the domain name however it is better for SEO.While considering moretricks , it doesn’t have a proper keyword in it.Even it ranking higher in searches.Similarly I have another blog related to education I selected the domain name edulearn.info for that blog.

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Also while you are going to be a global blogger , you have to choose a top level domain.Don’t go with country level domain and it’s little revert your effort.I will suggest you to go with .com extension since most of the users are familiar with com.

SEO Tips to Follow

Bulk Ads , Pop -ups and Pop- Unders

Do you show interest to visit a site that having number ad blocks in it?. Normally integrating of number of ads will also increase the load time of your blog and also it will be frustrating for the users.Similarly the search engines also hate the number of ads in the site.Until unless the search engines crawl your site , it is bad to add advertisement on your blog.Similarly you have to avoid the use of pop unders , pop ups and the flash contents to make the site more SEO friendly.

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Use of Permalinks : SEO Tips

Permalink makes a major role in SEO.You have to use a better permalink to make your posts SEO friendly and rank higher.However there is no option in Blogger to set a permalink , WordPress provides this facility to the users.By default the WordPress permalink structure is not SEO friendly and there have different options to choose the permalink.I will suggest you to go with the permalink /category/post title also you can use post title alone.

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Generate Site Maps and Submit it to Search Engines

Site maps are the way boards for search bots and it is important to create a site map for your blog.Also you have to submit this sitemaps to the search engines to direct them.For blogger blogs sitemaps are generated automatically and for WordPress blogs you can use the plugins to do the same work.

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Images , Heading and Content

All we are talking from the biginning of the blogging about the content in relation with the SEO.You have to use high quality content and that should be original one.You can use images to make your posts attractive however don’t forget to add alt tag to the images you add.Also use heading tags with keywords inside the post that will help your posts to catch easily by search engines.

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Conclusion on SEO Tips for Newbie

Till now we have seen various SEO tips to make the blog SEO friendly.However I can’t assure you that , using of this tips alone is not enough to tank your site high.There are also have number of SEO strategies you have to follow to make your blog a successful one such as link building.But I am sure that as a starter or newbie this SEO tips will help you to decide and go ahead with your site or blog,