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4 Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio

This post will be sharing some 4 Killer Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio.  Every blogger has an author byline to describe oneself in few lines. But most of the people are unable to express themselves in a perfect manner as they can write about various products,review,articles,etc. but when it comes to write about yourself, it becomes difficult for them to express their views. This few lines in the author bio defines yourself and tells other people about you, and it’s a shame if you are unable to express who the hell are you. Most newbie bloggers even do not may give importance to these few lines in the author bio as they do not understand the importance of these few lines. However, A professional blog knows the actual value of writing an attractive and a perfect author-bio as it defines professionalism of a blogger.

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4 Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio
When bloggers are asked to write about themselves, they feel quite hesitated about it and think for it about a long time i.e. they think what to write as defining yourself seems  a tough task. So, I thought to share some really cool tips that will help you to write a author Bio which will make it presentable,attractive and more professional.

4 Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio:-


Introduce yourself to others 

Writing an author bio means you are giving an introduction about a specific purpose to other people. Start with something like your age and you are passionate about blogging or use some good & heavy words to let others know about you & your blogging skills. Likewise, you can tell other people that you are a student or blogging is your interest hobby,etc.

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Keep it short & sweet

Do not start narrating whole of your blogging journey and how you started blogging and how you are or writing too long. People have no time to read it neither they are interested in reading such long stories. Write your author Bio in 3-4 lines not more then that. If you write too long, people won’t take interest in reading your Bio.

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No superiority

Yes, do not show other people that you are something really great. Do not let other people down. No matter even if you are best at blogging, you cannot be superior to other people and can hurt other people with the means of your Author Bio. You Author Bio is meant to define you, not to hurt other readers or show them your superiority.

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An Interesting one

You can make your author bio interesting by making it a bit humorous and adding some wit in it. Show them your passion towards your work and do not stuff your author bio full of URLs. Being too serious do not fits while you are writing an author Bio while adding some interesting words in it and making it interesting enough enhances other readers experience while they read your Bio.

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So, That’s all! Hope these tips help you to write a good author Bio.

Hope you find this article informative!
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