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3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do

This post would be sharing my experience on 3 Mistakes that most newbie Bloggers do. Humans make mistakes. We are not machines that we may not make mistakes at all. It’s a human tenancy to make mistakes and later on regret/resolve it. When I was new to blogging, even I made mistakes as a Blogger. This post would be sharing most common mistakes that newbie bloggers make. As the time passed, I learned a lot of things and learnt to avoid such mistakes. That is why I would sharing the 3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do which you should avoid throughout your blogging journey.

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3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do

3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do


Copying Contents

The most common mistake that a newbie blogger makes is that as soon as he starts a blog, he starts copying contents from other blogs. He thinks that creating too many posts in a single day will make his blog popular and he will become a hero in front of them which is not actually going to happen. They do not understand the fact that a blogger is known by his writing skills and copying other’s content will make him a copycat. Even readers won’t be fool and would like to waste their time on a blog that has copied content. Moreover, you should take it as granted that Content is King.  You should write unique posts on your blog.  If you do so, you should stop this shameful act.

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Going off with Blog Topic

This is quite common mistake made by a newbie blogger. Actually newbie bloggers go off with their niche and start writing about topics that their blog is not related to or it is of a different niche. Like they start talking about technology, politics,etc. and so many such topics on a single blog. Firstly readers will get sucked up with such blogs because readers come to read about something specific topic on your blog. Not about every single thing going on & around in the world.  Be accurate at choosing on what niche you would like to write and stuck to that specific topic.

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No Patience

Newbie bloggers see other bloggers getting rich with their blogs. They think that even they can even do the same thing easily. They do not realize the fact that those bloggers earning huge money have done a lot of hard work on their blogs and they have been working on their blogs for many years. So they start a blog, after 1-2 months, they realize that there blogs could not make money. Therefore, they loose their patience and quite blogging very soon. The fact is “Blogging requires lot of patience and hard work. Work hard and you will see the results bearing in front of you”!!

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2 thoughts on “3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do”
  1. Yes you are right, but any how it will not gives benefits for them, because real blogs are always real…

  2. Well said,this is the truth of many young student’s who quit blogging so soon,they don’ understand that patience could be the key for success,inspiring post for young ones.

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