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WordPress has recently come up with some great updates that will make things more convenient for its users. Launched this month, these updates have something for everyone. This article will discuss 3 updates that have been introduced in this month of August, 2012.

1.    Faster Site Stats and Toolbar Notifications

For those blogs that receive a lot of traffic, the main stats will from now on load all the data in a parallel format. It means the site statistics page will at twice or thrice the speed as it does now. As a result, bloggers save time which they can use for creating content.

3 Latest WordPress Updates

As for the toolbar notifications, they are now faster also. WP has brought keyboard shortcuts to make it easy for bloggers to navigate the notifications. Here are the shortcuts –

•    ‘n’ – Open/Close notifications menu
•    ‘j/k’ or up/down arrow – navigating through notifications
•    ‘r’ – reply to a comment
•    ‘a’ –  Approve/Disapprove a comment
•    ‘s’ –  Mark as Spam/Not Spam a comment
•    ‘t’ – Move a comment to trash or bring it back from there

2.   Dashboard Menu Changes

Users can now work in a cleaner and more spacious dashboard as the Polls and Ratings menus have been shifted under the category ‘Feedback’. To access polls, users should go to Settings->Polls and to access ratings, they should go to Settings->Ratings. To access customized poll styles, bloggers should go to poll editor.

3.   Updates for iPad and iPhone

A new WP for iOS is in the market. There are a couple of latest updates for iPad and
iPhone users. First of all, the interface itself is completely new, which will revolutionize mobile blogging. The WP interface on the iPad contains sliding panels. When you download the app, you are welcomed by a new screen that gives you a tour of the app. On the iPhone, a sidebar contains all the content of your blog. You can access your blog settings and also upload images. You can access your site stats within the WordPress app on both the devices.

With so many cool new features, it is natural that you would want to concentrate more on your blog.