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3 Factors that Affect your Blog’s Earnings

It’s obvious every blogger wants to make few buck from his blog or if you are reading this post, then you too want to make good amount of money from your blog but are you aware about the Factors that affect your Blog’s Earnings? Yes, there are some factors that affect your Blog’s Earnings in one or the other way. Like, there was a time for bloggers when blogging was limited to sharing knowledge to readers but now the trend has changed, now one can make some money out of it. But talking about making some money. then it’s really not easy to do so. According to an overview, 90% bloggers are not even able to make 50$ per month from their blog. Maybe they may going somewhere wrong or maybe they are right but they need to work a bit hard and should always be known about the Factors that affect your Blog’s Earnings.

Blog's Earnings

3 Factors that Affect your Blog’s Earnings


The most thing you need to figure out and need to work hard is Traffic to increase your monthly income. For example, you see blogs that earn huge amount online and they have a huge amount of traffic too. Yes, like Google Adsense is the common income for most bloggers. There are many blogs that display their Adsense earnings and Traffic reports per month. You can see that blogs having high Income also have high Traffic. Another example for Traffic is If you allow advertising on your blog, then most advertisers are looking for those blogs only which receive high traffic because Advertisers want the worth out of their money. So, you need work upon your blog’s traffic and improve it. So, “Double your Traffic and Double your Income!!”

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After traffic, the most important factor that affect your Blog’s Earnings is Audience. Now, it might be quite confusing that How audience plays a major role in your Blog’s Earnings. Yes, it plays. But let me clarify one thing, by Audience, I mean which country’s audience are you targeting and able to attract more traffic from it. But in what case Audience helps? For instance, in Google Adsense, if you receive more clicks from USA or UK, then it pays a better revenue to you as compared to Indian or Pakistan’s clicks. This is where Audience matters.

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Content/Services you provide

The type of content you provide also is an effective factor that may affect your Blog’s Earnings. It also depends upon your niche. Like, Some porn sites provide premium contest. This is not something like they are selling copies of their content and making few bucks out of it. Most pro bloggers provide various services nowadays like Theme Customization, Moving from Blogger to WordPress, The quality of the service and the experience you have also plays a major role. If most people are happy with your work you did earlier, then you are most likely to get work by other persons.

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  1. To know your customer is the one major component in building a successful blog and community—that is why it is so important to blog about what you are passionate about. You are a good example of what a prospective customer is all about and what they are looking for, what their needs are.

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