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Creating good articles and satisfying your readers are some of the usual tasks of a blogger, but care is to be taken while you perform certain things. Some of the mistakes could quickly kill your blog before you notice them. So to “kill your blog” quickly, these are the 10 ways:

  1. Copy articles and content from other blogs
Wow! Easy way to get content, right? Copy from another website and post on yours. Yes, it is a great idea only if you wish to kill your blog. Copied content may give you traffic for some days, but believe me it won’t last long. Google are strict on plagiarism. So copying content will only help you to kill your blog.
  1. Saturate your blog advertising .

Of course, advertising is the resource for you to earn money. But saturating it will kill your blog. We can see websites with full banners and ads. I bet, no readers like that look. Serious readers will look for good content than ads. So over advertisement will kill your readership and thereby your blog.

  1. Neglect your spelling.

May be you don’t care much about this, but your reader does care. The attitude of a blogger relies on his activities. There is no other way to impress your readers except quality content. So give importance to your spellings. No reader likes a website with many typos.

  1. Write things boring.

If you are no loger providing interesting stuffs to your reader then you are performing murder of you blog with Swiss knife! Writing about yourself always is an example for this. No one likes to read about you above certain limit. So don’t brag about you much!

  1. Do not ever link to anyone.

The links are part of the life of a blog. Live isolated in the network is another great way to kill your blog. Do not forget to link exchanges with other blogs of similar theme as this also represents you better placement and therefore more money.

  1. Link to anyone.

Link exchange is good, but not above a limit. All things are like that, if you over do them then it will turn out bad. Always remember that search bots also takes this seriously when you link to pages that have a subject line similar to yours and better if they have a better traffic than yours. If you want your blog die, Link your pages to betting, poker, multi-level, pornography etc..

  1. Forget your readers.

This is like not to feed your pet. The life of a blog depends on readers and do not pay attention to your comments, suggestions or requests makes your reader feel bad about you and your blog. So they stops interacting with you. Certainly it will become a dead blog.

  1. Do not analyze your traffic.

Forget the traffic analyzers and just type in the dark. It is important to understand which country your visitors are, what issues are most interested them, who’s referring traffic and how long they last in your blog. This will make your blog go adrift in the blogosphere.

  1. Writes long posts…. very long.

The conceptual success of a blog is that is made up of short articles. People who surf the web, usually looking for interesting content and does not usually have all the time in the world to see what you write is really interesting. A good post should capture the reader’s attention in 5 seconds and conquer their mind to stay a couple of minutes in your page. So if you want to kill your blog, then make things lengthy as much.RIP BLog

  1. Install dozens of gadgets, music and flash.

All effects make it hard to load the page and make it heavy for your readers. At the same time, most hate to enter a blog with background music or wherever you open pop-up ads to just enter. At least for me, when I walk into a blog and if I get an advertising page in front of me, obviously I will close that page (without even trying to know if the content was good). This is what happens if you implemented so many distracting things in your website.

So now you know how to kill your website, Just put these in practice and I bet you’ll be inviting me to your blog’s funeral. And if you are serious about your blog just do the opposite and see the difference!